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Where It All Began


Where It All Began

What started out as a way for a group of friends (Edward "Bigg Mixx" Van Wright, "Supa" Sam Boateng, Kevin "Kay Vee" Van Wright and Derrick "D-Dott" Davis) to stay out of trouble and have some fun (while making a little money) has evolved into a family owned and operated endeavor. 

Good Tymes Entertainment (originally named the Critical Sounds Crew) started out on Harrison Avenue in the Bronx, New York in 1991. Supa Sam was about to turn 16 and decided that he wanted a party. Bigg Mixx and Kay Vee, two brothers form across the street, were known for being able to put together "sound systems" from old pieces of their mother's stereo systems, pieced together a music system for the party. They invited all of their friends from around the way and it was on!!! The party was a huge success, and the crew figured that the could repeat that formula to make a little money.

Supa Sam became the DJ, practicing and perfecting his skills; Bigg Mixx was the sound engineer, who could put together a sound system from old component systems, and make it sound better than crews with professional quality amplifiers and speakers. "Critical Sounds" would rent out apartments for the night to throw house parties. People from all around the Bronx would come to their house parties.

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The Team

The Team

Edward "Bigg Mixx" Van Wright


 The Bronx, also known as the "Birthplace of Hip-Hop" is where Ed got his start. 

Ed's love for music began in 1979, when he was just four years old. Ed and his mother were walking down Burnside Avenue where he first heard Rapper's Delight, by the Sugar Hill Gang, blasting out of a record store. This was the beginning of it all.

Ed's love for sound came almost innately, being born into a family from the Caribbean, where you not only hear the music, but also feel it. His love for sound was also influenced by the Hip Hop "Jams" that they used to have in the school yard at P.S. 26 on Burnside, you could hear the music from blocks away. Ed was also influenced by the Early Bird Social Club, a nightclub that was owned by his aunt and uncle, where they played a mix of Reggae, Calypso, Soca, Disco and Funk on a real "Jamaican" sound system that shook the building. Ed tried to emulate those sound systems by putting together all of allowance money to buy a speaker and building his own speaker cabinets from scrap pieces of plywood. His first attempt was not very successful, but eventually he perfected his speaker building abilities and created a sound system that Critical Sounds (now know as Good Tymes Entertainment) used for their house parties.

Today, he plays for many different venues including corporate, wedding, birthday and school events.  He specializes in music for the "Grown and Sexy" crowd as well as the "Hot 97" youth of today and everything in between, with a crystal clear sound system that can shake the building.  

"Music is a staple in my life" and I enjoy making sure that you have a 'Good Tyme!'


Derrick "D-Dott" Davis


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"Supa" Sam Boateng


This Bronx native with the moniker SupaSam was influenced to be a DJ as he watched early pioneers like Kid Capri and Brucie B. In addition, his passion to pursue the “wheels of steel” fell on his love for classic R&B and good music in general. He eventually persuaded his friends to invest in some turntables so that he could practice and take a more serious approach. During his high school, Sam began to make his own personal tapes that he would distribute during school hours. During this time there were a few notable up and coming DJ’s that he built relationships with such as Red Handed, Clue, Buckwild and S&S. Sam and his partners ”Critical Sounds Crew” began to play locally from house to block parties investing more into his talents. It wasn’t long before he became known primarily in his area as the top DJ. In 1996, his career was birthed when he formed alliances with a friend from Harlem that introduced him to DJ Ron G. This was the true essence of his career leading to his induction to Ron’s “Waterbed Production”. Working under the Harlem movement he began to hit the streets with his own mixtapes that included features by budding Harlem acts like Ma$e, The Warlocks [that later became “The Lox”] and Mcgruff and play at numerous venues like Club Esso’s, Mo Betta, The New Savoy to name a few.

This opportunity led to him being introduced to the newly signed Bad Boy Record artist Ma$e, earning him a position as his personal DJ.  This was his introduction into the music industry, which he catapulted to new levels and by 1998 he was introduced to current CEO of Fo-Reel Entertainment (Nelly) Cudda Love [Ma$e’s manager], which led to him making the conversion from DJ to producer. Sam brought his then production partner Just Blaze to Cudda Love and they began to work on the “Harlem World” project on Mase’s imprint All Out Records. The two produced the gold single “I Like It” and a few others on the album.

Taking a hiatus from the industry due to personal focuses, Sam has reemerged with a new musical perspective. Concentrating on the business end as well as honing his craft as a sound producer and DJ, Sam is currently working on some development projects with artist under his newly created production company that he plans to present in the near future. 

Kevin "Kay Vee" Van Wright

Kiyoi Van Wright